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    Audi A8 sets new lighting benchmarks

    Digital light for maximum safety

    Germany/Reutlingen, 28 July 2022

    Once again, Audi enchants with a fantastic headlamp design and the latest headlight technology. With its amazing digital light signature, the headlamps of the Audi A8 made by Marelli Automotive Lighting, suit perfectly the eye-catching front panel and offer a wide range of new, pioneering safety functions.

    With the high-end lighting technology, the headlamps offer a homogeneous, high-grade light distribution. The segmented Matrix beam cares for the Adaptive Driving Beam, while the Digital light further supports the driver with assisting and warning projections on the road. The lane light illuminates the car’s own lane and the orientation light predictively indicates the Audi vehicle’s position between the lane markers, encouraging safe driving in the center of the lane. The direction indicator lights, or the advanced traffic information are other new assisting safety functions. Multiple advanced dynamic lighting scenarios which are projected on the ground or on the wall while getting in or out of the car complement the dynamic coming and leaving home function provided by the daytime running light segments.

    The headlamps of the Audi A8 are available in three variants: LED headlights, HD Matrix LED headlights and Digital Matrix LED headlights. Offering a fantastic light performance, each variant is a Marelli Automotive Lighting masterpiece making the night driving safer than ever before – on the way to the future.

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