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    Changan CS75 Plus with Marelli Automotive Lighting full LED headlights and taillights

    Making attention a habit

    Germany/Reutlingen, 2 February 2023

    The second-generation Changan CS75 Plus is equipped with Marelli’s intelligent full LED headlights and through-type full LED taillights resembling red neon lights.

    The radium-engraved energy grating of the front position lamp echoes the shape of the front face grille, which highlights the mysterious visual experience of technology, and has – when illuminated – a really high degree of recognition. The geometric light strip surrounds the outline of the light body to form the daytime running lights, position lights and turn lights. The low and high beam module in the middle adopts the dual-function crystal matrix newly developed by Marelli, which not only perfectly integrates into the design concept of the whole vehicle, but also provides high-performance intelligent lighting, which improves the night driving experience.

    The rear combination lamp adopts a split design with a dot matrix on the top and a light strip at the bottom. After lighting, it creates a visual effect of thousands of lights. The logo lights on both sides have light-transmitting text and graphic textures, which are – thanks to laser radium engraving – exquisite and beautiful. The flame streamer energy taillight shows individuality and conveys the aesthetic design and the pursuit of excellence of the Marelli headlights while meeting the functional and styling requirements.

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