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    Innovative lighting solutions meet the exciting style of Alfa Romeo

    Impressive eye-catchers in front and rear of the car.

    Germany/Reutlingen, 8th February 2022

    All LED headlights and taillights of the brand-new Alfa Romeo Tonale fulfil a perfect match of uniform front and rear vehicle signatures. Made by Marelli Automotive Lighting they result from successful international cooperation within our lighting division. With the intelligent LED application in headlamps, we introduce Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) technology to Alfa Romeo.

    The headlamps designed and made in Italy, are composed of three light modules: the main LED module provides both low and high beam functions thanks to its matrix of 12 LED light segments. It is supported by an auxiliary high beam mono LED module, that ensures best lighting conditions. Four adaptive low beam modes are available: city, country road motorway and bad weather mode. The third headlight module enables the Static Bending Light. Camera-based and electronic-controlled segmented glare-free high beam helps avoid glaring of other traffic participants by switching of respective LEDs.
    Performance and driving comfort meet efficiency, safety and style. The latest is mostly visible by the specific signature. It is realized by three light guides and shows daytime running light, dynamic turn indicator and welcome/good-bye animations.

    The rear lamps impress by their design encompassing the entire rear of the car. Designed, engineered and produced by our teams in Italy and Turkey they attract attention by their “triple” signature style. The complete rear unit consists of three parts. Fender lamps on both sides realize tail, stop, turn and reflex functions. The trunk applique with more than 120 cm length connects both parts in a stylish way, providing reverse, fog and tail functions.
    Our know-how and expertise in all areas of automotive lighting design, mean that we always find the right optical concept and technical solution to achieve the desired style.

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