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    Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid rear lamp

    A perfect “moirage” effect

    Germany/Reutlingen, 22 November 2022

    Marelli Automotive Lighting presents the all-LED tail lamp for the latest Renault Austral E-Tech full hybrid. This technically sophisticated and visually appealing lamp is available in base and top version. The top version is characterized by a progressive turn signal and shows a stunning 3D effect. The horizontal wide line consists of 2 superimposed patterns of slanting lines, creating a strong 3D effect due to a parallax vision: When the spectator’s viewing angle of the lamp changes, they will see the front pattern moving differently than the rear pattern. This so-called "moirage" effect is achieved by a novel light curtain technology using micro-optics.

    The applied technology is very efficient to provide the desired dark effect and it is also very convenient to present a thin complex pattern of light. The tail function is complemented by the upper and lower light guides, which due to repeated use of micro-optics resemble the “frozen” effect.

    Summarizing, sophisticated engineering and advanced manufacturing skills result in impressive rear lighting effects. Congratulations to our rear lighting experts from Paris, Tolmezzo and Tangier for this great product.

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