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    Sensor Integration by Marelli

    Sense what's coming

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) rely on powerful sensors to "see" and connect with the surrounding environment.

    Full autonomy requires a combination of sensors complemented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

    Cameras, radar and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are key enablers for future mobility – they work together to support all five levels of automated driving LiDAR sensors use light to measure distance and are pivotal to unlocking L3-L5 autonomy.

    Leveraging more than 100 years' experience in the automotive industry, Marelli is developing cutting-edge LiDAR technology and sensor integration solutions to power the vehicle of the future.

    We enable global automakers to "sense what's coming".

    Smart Corner™

    Introducing Smart Corner™

    To overcome the challenge of integrating the required sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving while preserving stylistic integrity, Marelli has developed Smart Corner™.
    Smart Corner™ is a modular concept that takes advantage of the strategic positioning of headlamps and tail lamps on the corners of the vehicle.

    Our Smart Corner™ concept can enable a 360° view around the vehicle with redundancy. Since the sensors are integrated into existing headlamps and tail lamps, automakers benefit from a pre-calibrated, plug-and-play solution, resulting in simplified vehicle architecture and a manufacturing process that's lower cost and higher quality than alternatives.

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    Smart Corner™: integration in automotive lighting

    Integration in Headlamp and Rear Lamp

    The four corners of the vehicle are often the ideal location for integrating sensors to support ADAS and autonomous driving while maintaining functionality and styling. Our Smart Corner™ concepts have proven how feasible it is to incorporate multiple and varied sensors into headlamps and tail lamps.

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    Advanced hard & software integration


    Marelli concept for radar integration into the headlamp of the actual Jeep® Compass, as a Smart Corner™ brings numerous advantages in terms of processes, safety and styling.

    Customers benefit from mechanical and software calibration. The integrated radar is protected in the event of any damage to the bumper and the radar setup is independent from car or bumper paint. Thanks to heating in the headlight's outer lens, the radar can continue to operate below freezing temperatures. For styling reasons, the radar element can be concealed with a light curtain or a Folia-LED layer.


    Another Smart Corner™ concept is the integration of a LiDAR module into a Mercedes® S-Class headlamp, developed by Marelli.

    Our technological and production know-how guarantee continuous improvement in the field of LiDAR integration. Thanks to the use of novel compact LiDAR design, we have employed the space of two specific light modules, while the remaining standard light modules largely take over their function. This solution combines a variety of benefits for customers. The main advantage is that both sensor and lamp can be sourced in a single optimal system from Marelli.


    Classification software embedded into our Sensor ECU

    Key features

    • Artificial Intelligence Software developed by a dedicated team inside Marelli organization
    • Combined deep learning (Neural Network) and optionally rules-based approach for redundancy (Safety)
    • 3D objects detection and classification
    • Road profile, free space and lane/barrier models recognition
    • Specific scenario (road construction, …) can be identified
    • Sensor health can be monitored