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    Front Lighting by Marelli

    Modular lighting systems

    Our capacity for innovation enables us to find technical solutions for all styles and requirements, in both premium and volume segments. We offer modular lighting systems that provide maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    Thanks to our worldwide legal lighting expertise, we are the partner of choice for all markets. Our global presence ensures we are always close to our customers.

    We are a stable company and a reliable supplier that delivers the highest quality on time.

    Lighting technologies at a glance


    Light, compact and scalable standard modules allowing for cost-efficient LED deployment in headlamps.


    ADB Light Modules with 12 to 36 segments in 1 or 2 rows for high performance and style. Modules with 84 pixels in 3 rows that can create various light patterns.


    High-resolution ADB modules from 20k pixels up to 1.3 million pixels already installed in series vehicles on the road.                       


    Portfolio of standard light modules offers multiple solutions and plenty of combinations to be deployed in headlamps.


    With our optical concepts, we offer many possible solutions to our customers to realize their impressive brand signatures.

    Adaptive Driving Beam Technology (ADB)

    Best Choice for ADB Systems

    Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) significantly contributes to traffic safety and driving comfort at night. Marelli, performing ADB solutions since the very start of the technology, is partner of choice for sophisticated lighting systems – especially for ADB.

    Our diverse product portfolio encompasses customized and standard solutions with light modules and their respective – but also flexibly compatible – electronic control units enabling ADB.

    1 row, 2 row or even 3 row matrix systems allow for omitting opposing or proceeding traffic – for an optimum vision without disturbing other road users.

    Learn more about our innovative lighting functions:

    About Lighting Functions

    Standard light modules

    Standard meets Style

    Our portfolio of standard light modules offers multiple possible solutions and plenty of combinations to be deployed in headlamps. Customers are free to choose or combine these modules in order to meet their desired styling concepts and technical requirements.

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