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    Lighting Electronics by Marelli

    Lighting electronics for intelligent lighting systems

    Marelli is a pioneer in lighting electronics with over 20 years experience.
    As full-service supplier of lighting electronics with in-depth expertise related to all processes and toolchains, we offer electronic hardware to support our customers in terms of cost, quality and scalability.

    Integration, Simulation and Validation of complex applications of intelligent lighting systems is our core competence.

    We have the key know-how to apply soft and hardware of electronic control units for innovative lighting systems.

    Our top Software Feature Catalogue is supporting "Software as a Product" and "Light Domain Controllers" and we exploit our know-how in HD graphics software for upcoming microLED projects.

    Standard ECU portfolio

    Best Choice to control Light

    The Marelli ECU portfolio includes projection and reflection systems and various LED technologies that range from basic to high-resolution Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB).

    The ECU catalogue encompasses standardized, optimized and adaptive lighting features to provide highly efficient, scalable and low-cost solutions to drive sustainability also in lighting products.

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    Advanced electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture


    From single electronic control units (ECUs) to centralized domain control units (DCUs) on the route to cloud computing into the vehicle.

    Marelli supports this huge transition phase with the next generation of lighting ECUs. We provide customized scalable solutions including the option to separate hardware and software into different domains.


    Today, dedicated lighting control functions are already part of Marelli Lighting Controllers.

    Our next step into the future is the centralization of the complete vehicle lighting control for front, rear and interior lighting into one domain.


    As lighting functions become more and more independent from dedicated ECUs, our “Software as a Product” (SaaP) gains importance.

    SaaP enables various lighting functionalities, user experiences and safety features to be rolled out via software-over-the-air updates – at any time and in any place.