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    New Lighting by Marelli

    The path to 360° illumination und communication

    Lightbars have become a trend in all markets and vehicle segments in recent years.
    We are increasingly starting to see illuminated logos as a further step in vehicle design and brand awareness.

    But what's next?

    The transformation from individual luminous parts to smart illuminated body panels will occur.

    Panels have endless design opportunities with integrated lighting functions, sensor integration and communication.

    Sending and receiving information with light makes it even smart.


    From lightbars to "smart" front panels

    The Future smart illuminated

    Marelli's smart front panel opens up new styling possibilities for the vehicle front. Lighting, safety, communication, branding and design – a multitude of benefits in one front panel. It offers space for an illuminated logo that strongly highlight the brand.
    Since the surface is transparent to radar beams, it can also house and conceal ADAS sensors while integrated heating prevents the surface from icing up.

    Software controlled illuminated elements enable attractive, dynamic animations and car-2-X communication.

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    From smart illuminated front panels to 360° illumination and communication

    It's more than just light – it's smart

    • Radar Transparent Illuminated Logo
    • Heated Surface for Integrated ADAS Sensors
    • Hidden Integrated ADAS Sensors
    • Integrated ADAS Marker Light
    • Styling/Animation Diversification via Software
    • New Vehicle Front Styling Possibilities
    • Serves for Lighting, Safety, Communication, Branding and Design


    In cooperation with our partner Motherson.

    Smart features

    • Welcome/ Comfort
    • Design
    • Personalization
    • Communication
    • Recognition
    • Safety Warning
    • Support Function

    Smart communication with smart technology

    • Dynamic Interactive Communication for Autonomous Vehicles
    • Supportive for HMI Functionality
    • Enhanced User Experience
    • Functions-on-Demand
    • Styling/Animation-Diversification via Software
    • Personalized Vehicle Styling possible
    • Serves for Lighting, Safety, Communication, Branding and Design